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XFader transforms any image to a seamless texture you can use for website backgrounds, your windows desktop, 3D rendering or whatever...
  • image x-fading including a static area where your image is not changed
  • seamless filters like blur, wave, relief etc.
  • color adjustment (brightness, contrast, hue etc.)
  • image adding for crowd effects
  • resize images with special interpolation for seamless images
  • generate 3D stereograms
  • undo function for up to 10 steps
  • supports BMP and JPG files
  • intuitive user interface for easy access to all of the functions
  • easy to use including an online help
  • and more...
Version 5.00
  • more file types supported
  • more flexible color gradients
  • more beautiful user interface
  • can be installed as a portable application to your removable devices
Version 4.05
  • work with multiple images during one session
  • more color filters
  • more combination modes
  • rotate seamless function
  • PNG support added
  • many other enhancements including better color selection, optional rulers, recent folders menu, spots decoration...
Version 4.04
  • new tools for decoration, image merging and one more filter
  • enhanced and more intuitive gradient and color selection
  • better JPG support
  • demo text function to adjust backgrounds for websites
  • minor changes and bug fixes (WinNT problems fixed)
Version 4.03
  • amazing texture generator to generate clouds, marble, stone, skin, wood...
  • enhanced recolor tools
  • better filters
  • minor changes
Using XFader amazing stereogram images can easily be made. Download our example images or create new ones!
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