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frequently asked questions
Please read this section when you have problems using XFader. If these answers to FAQs do not help, please tell us.
How do I install XFader?
The download file is a packed ZIP archive. You have to unzip it. We recommand PKZip or WinZip, which you can download for free.

You do not have to uninstall a previous version of Xfader, if you want to install Xfader to the same directory than before. A new version of Xfader gets the options from the older version. If you uninstall before installation, all previous settings are lost.
How do I uninstall XFader?
Open the Windows start menu and choose settings / control panel / software. You can select the software you wish to uninstall from a list there. If XFader is installed correctly you will find an entry "Pegtop XFader".

There is still one "bug" in the uninstaller: the start menu entries are not removed. Please do this by rightclicking on it and choose "delete" (if you have Win95 or NT settings / taskbar and start menu from the start menu)
How can I get more stereogram images?
Download our stereogram depth images. You can also create your own ones, take a look at the online help included to XFader.
What comes in future versions?
Of course if you have any ideas how to make XFader better, tell us! We plan to include the following:
  • more filters and texture generators
  • more ways to change colors
  • open / modify multiple images
  • advanced x-fade options
There are so many image editors. Why should I use XFader?
Most of other image editors have rather poor tools to edit seamless images. All of XFader's filters work on seamless images as well as on "normal" images. And how many of the other tools do have that x-fade function to transform non-seamless images to smooth seamless ones?

One more reason: XFader is much fun to use. Play around with the controls and enjoy the manifold images you can create easily.
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