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frequently asked questions
Please read this section when you have problems using WaterWall. If these answers to FAQs do not help, please tell us.
How do I install WaterWall?
The download file is a packed ZIP archive. You have to unzip it. We recommand PKZip or WinZip, which you can download for free.

You do not have to uninstall a previous version of WaterWall, if you want to install WaterWall to the same directory than before. A new version of WaterWall gets the options from the older version. If you uninstall before installation, all previous settings are lost.
How do I uninstall WaterWall?
Open the Windows start menu and choose settings / control panel / software. You can select the software you wish to uninstall from a list there. If WaterWall is installed correctly you will find an entry "Pegtop WaterWall".

There is still one "bug" in the uninstaller: the start menu entries are not removed. Please do this by rightclicking on it and choose "delete" (if you have Win95 or NT settings / taskbar and start menu from the start menu)
Why does the wallpaper not change correctly?
WaterWall is optimized for Windows 95 and 98, but was also tested on Windows Me, NT, 2000 and XP.

Try to disable the active desktop if you have problems with Windows 98 and higher.

Some images get completely black on Windows XP. Open the Options tab sheet, select Miscellaneous / System and check "Always create a copy...".
Why are wallpaper images not displayed correctly (black bars etc.)?
WaterWall uses DIBs (device independent bitmaps) instead of DDBs (device dependent bitmaps). DIBs are loaded faster and are more flexible. Depending on your Windows system and graphics driver (NT and/or older drivers) DIBs are not fully supportet. Choose Miscellaneous / Files from the WaterWall options sheet and uncheck "Use device independent bitmaps (DIBs)" to solve this problem.
What about the system ressources?
WaterWall takes not much time for loading and nearly nothing while working. We also gave our best to use only a minimum of your system's memory. Unlike many other wallpaper managers, WaterWall does not create temporary images, if the original bitmap file is useable.
What will come in future versions?
Of course if you have any ideas how to make WaterWall better, let us know! We plan to include the following:
  • a built-in screensaver manager
  • a download central to start your own image download service
  • active desktop support
  • more ways to create a more beautiful desktop
  • some WaterWall screensavers
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