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What's new in version 2.11
  • Running group items not possible by accident any more
  • Windows 98 bug fixed
  • Copy & paste bug fixed
What's new in version 2.10
  • Separators
  • Sorting items
  • Copy & paste
  • Environment variables
  • Windows Vista™ optimization
  • Run applications as other user
  • Run all items in a groups
  • More path and command line placeholders
  • More search options
  • Multi monitor support for property windows and desktop edge snapping
  • More panel positioning options
  • Mouse sensors keep staying on top
  • Tray icon mouse hover support
  • Colored tray icons
  • No autostart of items if shift key is hold
  • Minor bugfixes (like correct panel sizing when centered)
What's new in version 2.09
  • PStart now is available in two different versions: U3 and normal
  • Items can be hidden from tray menu now
  • Clicking the tray icon can open and close the panel now
  • The panel can be centered automatically on startup
  • Autorun possible both on startup and exit
  • More mouse sensors
  • Better multi monitor support
  • German translation improved (other languages will follow)
  • Bugfixes (like drag & drop of subgroups)
What's new in version 2.08
  • Context menu allows displaying file properties
  • Note length limit increased
  • Bugfixes (some only targeting Windows 9x/me)
What's new in version 2.07
  • Multi language support (English and German)
  • Autorun.inf file creation
  • Backup file restoration
  • Very large icon support
  • Exit PStart via command line (parameter -exit)
  • Run applications on exit
  • More item properties (like website)
  • Smaller modifications
  • Bugfixes
What's new in version 2.06
  • User defined group icons
  • Run applications normal, minimized, or maximaized
What's new in version 2.05
  • User defined additional information for items (large icons only)
  • Display of alarm time in notification popup window
  • Bugfixes
What's new in version 2.04
  • Scanning for executable files
  • Major bugfixes
What's new in version 2.03
  • Mouse sensors to show panel / menu by clicking at the edge of the screen
  • Scheduled execution of items
  • Reminders for notes
  • Display of hot keys in tray menu (optional)
  • User defined style for single notes
  • Faster way to execute files in search tab (tray icon double click optimized and enter key in edit box supported)
  • Tabulators in note text
What's new in version 2.02
  • User defined window title
  • User defined search list order and search list colors
What's new in version 2.01
  • Hot key to show tray menu directly
  • %pdrive% variable for parameters
What's new in version 2.00
  • New main menu and more compact tray menu
  • Hot key to show PStart panel
  • Info tab sheet for drive information (portable installation only)
  • Close / minimze on execution (optional)
  • Execution of items with single mouse click (optional)
  • Search options ("find in")
  • Internal reorganization and optimization (that's why it took some time and was worth a new major version number)
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