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 privacy policy 

privacy policy

PEGTOP Software protects your privacy. Your contact or billing information is handled confidently. We do not support spam emails.

When you contact us for support (technical or customer), we will use your information only for internal operations and to answer you questions and solve your problems. No email addresses or other data is stored permanently or used for other purposes than stated.

When you subscribe to our newsletter your contact information is kept safe, not shared with any third party, and only used to provide you with updated information on our products or other news related to PEGTOP Software.

protection of customer information

Our partner ShareIt! makes sure your personal data is sent secure and handled confidently. The VeriSign Certificate for SSL transactions offers the highest security available today. All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured. You can submit your data with the assurance it's encrypted, protected against disclosure to third parties.


We do not use any cookies on our website. Note that when purchasing our products you are visiting pages hosted by our partner ShareIt! (as stated at the bottom of the page) which might create cookies for making the ordering process work.


PEGTOP Software does not embed advertising (adware) in any of our software, because adware can be used to monitor your use of software or to collect demographic data about you to third parties. We also consider it very important not to compromise the quality, speed, and ease of use of our software.


PEGTOP Software does not collect data which can be associated to an individual. No internet connections are established without your permission. Only relevant data is sent (like your screen resolution when downloading an image).

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